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Your Life,

We transform your scheduled 1:1 meetings into impromptu conversations.


Why Tweelin

Do more without working overtime

Stop wasting time scheduling 1:1 meetings

Stop “when can we talk?” back and forth texting

Stop hunting down people all day

Do what you want, not what your calendar imposes

Increase the resolution of your day

Calendars divide your day into 30-minute chunks.
With remote work becoming the norm your 30-minute slots get filled up very quickly. You are now forced to work overtime to finish your tasks.

With Tweelin, you can transform scheduled 1:1 meetings – on average 40% of your calendar events – into impromptu conversations, without coordination efforts, so that your day is more fluid, less cluttered, less constrained and you can achieve much more in less time

Tweelin is different from any other virtual assistant

Calendar-centric assistants make it easier for you to create more events and resolve scheduling conflicts by spreading such events over precious open time slots, thus clogging and constraining your day.

We believe calendar is an obsolete tool that limits your productivity and will soon be replaced by more efficient and dynamic ways of organizing your day, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Tweelin is the world’s first AI assistant that removes events from your calendar, giving you back control of your life.

How it works

1. Mark makes the wish to talk to Ashley.

2. Ashley accepts Mark’s wish.

3. The Tweelin AI uses your device activity data to determine both users’ availability for the call.

4. Mark gets notified when it’s the right moment to talk for both.


1. Mark makes the wish to talk to Ashley.

2. Ashley accepts Mark’s wish.

3. The Tweelin AI looks for device data patterns that predict both users’ availability for a call.

4. Mark gets notified when it’s the right moment to talk for both.


Loved and trusted by our Alpha Users

Simone Parmeggiani

Creative Director


Vivek Kakkar

Engineering Leader

Youna Choi

Sr. Product Designer




Per Month


📱 Ideal for regular callers

✨ 2 concurrent wishes

Power Caller


Per Month


🔥 Ideal for heavy callers

✨ concurrent wishes

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Per Month


📅 Ideal for week planners

✨ 30 concurrent wishes

Coming Soon

Worried about your privacy? You shouldn't.

We value your privacy as if it were ours

  • We will never sell your data to anyone. It’s not our business.
  • We will never store or access any of your contents. We don’t need them.
  • We monitor the activity on your phone to fulfill active wishes only.
  • We strive to minimize the amount of activity data needed by the server.
  • We may collect anonymized device activity logs for AI training purposes.

What happens to your data?

When you make or receive a wish to talk to someone, the Tweelin app starts monitoring the activity on your phone, looking for patterns that predict your availability. Once a pattern is detected, the app communicates your availability information to the server. When both you and the person you need to talk to are available, you – the wish maker – receive a suggestion to call the wish receiver. The activity monitoring happens only when active wishes are present. None of your information is exposed to the other person, other than a suggestion to call at a certain moment.

Who we are

We are a team of productivity technology enthusiasts with decades of relevant industry experience.
We are tired of wasting precious hours of our back-to-back life trying to get in contact with people.
We feel the very same frustration that characterizes your work days, especially when your family is having dinner, and you are trying to finish an important deliverable.


We elevate human potential by decluttering people's lives.


Tweelin becomes the intelligent layer that orchestrates and streamlines the majority of social interactions.


✨ Integrity
✨ Customer obsession
✨ Inclusion
✨ Empowerment

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Tweelin is the opposite: it allows you to remove events from your calendar, so that you become less dependent on it and more productive.

Yes, you can! Tweelin features a messaging-based flow to handle wishes towards non users.

Yes! When you make a wish, we give you the option to specify the reason for the call. The wish receiver gets to know the topic when she is invited to accept or reject the wish. 

When you make a wish, you can specify time constraints. For instance, you can specify that you “need to talk to Mary on Thursday, before 3pm”.

Nope, you get a full-fledged version of Tweelin, limited only in the number of currently active wishes made by you.

It is the number of wishes made by you that are currently active, meaning the Tweelin AI is working (or will work) on fulfilling them. 

No! The only limitation is on the number of currently active wishes made by you. There isn’t any limitation on the number of active wishes made by others who want to talk to you.

Yes, the AI needs to know if you are busy or not to make the right prediction. 

Although Tweelin accesses your calendar, it does not access any detail of your events. What the AI needs to know is your calendar status [free or busy] which is just one of the many data points the Tweelin app leverages to make the availability prediction.

For accurate results, Tweelin must have the following privileges: calendar access, contact access, manage phone calls, access call logs, access physical activity.

Only when it is trying to fulfill a wish that involves you. We are neither in the business of selling data, nor interested in knowing what you do throughout your day. We are on your side!

No! We only monitor on the day the wish is planned for, and within possible time constraints you have set, for example, “before noon” or “after 2pm”.

The name Tweelin has been inspired by the word “tweeling” which means “twin” in Afrikaans and Dutch. You can see Tweelin as your digital twin that takes care of tedious daily tasks such as coordinating people’s availability. It also avoids scheduling 1:1 meetings because it communicates with the digital twins of people you need to talk to and finds the right moment to connect both of you on the fly.

More questions? Contact us!

Please, let us know how we can help by contacting feedback@tweelin.com. We are eager to get to know you!
Where we are
We are a distributed team all over US, with formal HQ in San Jose, California.
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